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Platform Files

Install the snickerdoodle board platform files located on GitHub

to the following directory

<SDx install path>/platforms

SD Card Components

After building the system, the SD card components that should be copied from the build directory are:

  • BOOT.bin
  • image.ub
  • uEnv.txt
  • hostapd.conf
  • wpa_supplicant.conf
  • udhcpd.conf

Linux System

A Linux FIT image is included in the Linux image folder (image.ub). This FIT image contains the kernel binary, device tree blob and RAMdisk image. This image is loaded and booted by U-Boot using the boot command (uenvcmd) defined in uEnv.txt.

Wireless Configuration

Default hostapd.conf, wpa_supplicant.conf and udhcpd.conf files are located in the Linux image folder. The default configuration supports wireless access point (AP) with a default passphrase located in hostapd.conf. The AP SSID is configured as "snickerdoodle-XXXXXX" with the last 6 octets of the wireless modules MAC address. These files are meant to be included in the boot partition of the SD card for persistence.

Recreate the Vivado project

  • Make sure you have the snickerdoodle board files correctly installed into Vivado.
  • Open Vivado
  • in the Vivado TCL console:
    • navigate to your working directory
    • run the following command: source ./snickerdoodle_<variant>.tcl
  Note: if this project already exists in that location the command will fail