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Create FSBL Using TCL Script

An FSBL can be generated using a .tcl script and the command line tools (XSCT) that are installed alongside XSDK. If invoking the XSCT interactive shell, TCL scripts can be run using source:

xsct% source fsbl_script.tcl <WORKSPACE> <HDF>

The tools can also be called to run a TCL script directly as the first argument and arguments to pass to the script (in this case workspace and .hdf paths) listed at the end.

$ xsct fsbl_script.tcl <WORKSPACE> <HDF>

Generating a hardware configuration files and then building and FSBL from the template can be done with four lines of TCL:

setws [lindex $argv 0]
createhw -name hw0 -hwspec [lindex $argv 1]
createapp -name fsbl -app {Zynq FSBL} -proc ps7_cortexa9_0 -bsp bsp0 -hwproject hw0 -os standalone
projects -build